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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's been too long!

I am so sorry!  Time got away from me these last couple weeks and I completely forgot to update all of you.  So, here goes.
The last week of June was my oldest daughter's 6th birthday.  6!?  Where does all that time go?  She'll be starting 1st grade in the fall, which still boggles my mind...do I really have an elementary schooler, yep, I do!  For her birthday she opted to go somewhere super fun instead of having the normal party we do every year.  We took her to a nearby water park with lots of fun wave pools, water slides, lazy rivers, etc.  We all had a great day playing in the water.  We also went to dinner at Corvette Diner, a fun restaurant where they totally entertain the kids (and adults, too) by dancing and singing in between taking orders and bringing out your food.  There's also a video game arcade where the kids had fun, but we had to drag my husband out when it was time to leave... I'm not sure who enjoys it more.  ; )
Enough on me and my family, though- you want to hear about these babies!  I had an appt at TFI on July 5th and everything looked great, as usual.  Both babies measured on track, heart rates looked great, and I was told as long as my bloodwork came back fine I was officially released from their care!  Yay!  They gave T a dvd of all the ultrasounds since that very first confirmation of pregnancy, so they have that to share with friends & family for now.  The bloodwork results came in later that day, so TFI called and told me everything was perfect and I was to stop all meds (woo hoo!) and do a follow up blood draw (near me, not at their office) a few days later to make sure nothing dropped too low once the meds were out of my system.  The follow up also came back great, so we are all done with those long drives for short appointments.  I am so relieved to finally be off the meds and done planning my weeks around trips to TFI.  Whew!  Also, getting off the meds and transitioning into the second trimester has made the morning/all day sickness pretty bearable!  It's getting better and better as time goes by, so I think that soon I'll be back to my normal self.  : )  Although, this already protruding belly will be growing sooner than later, so I may not be completely normal, but I have a while before I'll be really huge and unable to do things, like tie my own shoes.  lol
Once released from TFI, I already had an appt scheduled with my OB for July 11th.  That appointment went great, we listened to the heart rates- both in the 150s, not much weight gain yet (good!), and my initial blood work was all normal.  Since TFI had sent my records, including the pics and measurements from my last few ultrasounds, my OB won't need to do another u/s until the 20 week growth scan, which is the longest u/s of the pregnancy. During this u/s, they measure everything on both babies, look at all of the organs, and pretty much do an overall well being check.  It can last about 1 hour per baby.  My last twin pregnancy, I had an u/s every few visits after that 20 week one, so we'll see if the schedule is still similar this time around.  I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow (according to BabyCenter, this means the babies are each about the size of a lemon), so we still have a while to go 'til that one.  My next OB appointment will be just before I hit 17 weeks, and I might start taking some belly pics around then as well, so I'll be sure to update!


  1. Yea for being off meds and into trimester two! I'm trying to ignore that I will have to still take meds after the transfer....

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