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Friday, December 28, 2012

We made it!

I am excited and relieved to say that we made it past my "black out dates"!  I did not spend Christmas Eve or Day in the hospital and that makes me very happy.  I did spend those days incredibly uncomfortable and swollen... but I'll take that over a hospital room any day.  I was able to get up with my husband and our girls on Christmas morning and see their faces when they looked to see if Santa had come, and that was what I was afraid to miss.  So... now these babies can feel free to come any time.  Did you hear me babies...ANY time now would be great.  I am HUGE!  ; )  We've made it past 37 weeks now, which is wonderful for twins, and I am just waiting for something to tell me it's time for them to make their grand entrance.  But, if nothing does happen, I will be checking in at the hospital Wednesday morning for a scheduled c-section (bright and early, might I add...5:30am!).  4 more days to go!
My NSTs have shown contractions, but not regular enough to be "active labor" and at my OB appt yesterday there had been no change to my cervix since my hospital visit a couple weeks ago.  Still 1.5cm and 50-75% effaced.  So, there's nothing saying I will go into labor before our scheduled date, but we all know that it doesn't necessarily mean it won't happen.  I've seen people be 1cm at an appt, and that night go into labor and check in at the hospital at a 5.  You just never know with babies!  They will come when they will come...or when we decide it's time.  On Wednesday.  ; )
I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!  It looks like J&T will be daddies in 2013 after all!

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