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I'm Alison, a thirty-something, married, mother of two girls, with a passion for animals of all kinds. My family adopted our goofy, lovable dog {Charlie} from a local shelter. It breaks my heart to know there are countless animals out there being mistreated {to say the least} and I would love more than anything to help even one animal find a loving forever home. Think adoption first. Find a local animal shelter or animal rescue... don't buy your next pet... rescue him/her!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


 I know it's been a while, but I'll make it up to you with some pictures!  I even have a couple u/s pics of the babies this time, yay!  First off, here I am in my lovely, "I took this picture myself, so it's a bit blurry" pic.  25 weeks today with these girlies!

At my OB appointment this week we also had a quick u/s.  They'll do them from now on every 2-4 weeks, depending what they want/need measured.  This week at the appointment I was 24w5d and babies measured 25w3d (a) and 25w6d (b)!  They are estimated to weigh about 1lb 13oz (a) and 1lb 15oz (b)...they are clearly over achievers in the growth area, just like my last surro-babes (who were 6lbs 13oz and 7lbs 10oz at birth)!  I'm glad that they are nice and healthy, but I'm hoping we don't go too far in the over achieving here... there are two of you in there!  lol
Here are a few u/s shots we got, not the best, but it was a pretty quick u/s, so I was happy to get any!
(This first one isn't labeled, but it's Twin A)


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