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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The "big" ultrasound

People usually refer to the 20 week ultrasound/growth scan as "the big u/s".  I think a lot of that is because you usually find out the gender of the baby/ies at this u/s, unless you have had one done at a private u/s studio.  Also, with most singleton pregnancies (without complications) this is the time you see the most of the baby before it is born and may be the last u/s you have before giving birth.  However, we knew the genders of the babies going in (and the u/s confirmed, 2 girls) and with a twin pregnancy there are a lot more ultrasounds to come.  This may still be the longest one, but we'll see a lot more of these girls before they make their grand entrance into the world.  Still, this u/s was special- J&T were able to come down to attend the u/s and it was the first time we had seen the babies since our last u/s at 12 weeks, so they had grown a LOT!  I don't have any pics to share, unfortunately, since J&T snatched them all up to take home (of course!), but I'm hoping they will scan a few and send them to me so that I can share them with you.  Everything looked great with the girls- but we weren't able to get the right shots of baby B's face/lips/pallet because she was being camera shy.  We'll try again next time on that.  They like to have those shots to make sure there is not a cleft lip or pallet.  Heart rates were both in the 130s/140s through out the u/s and the babies measured as follows:  baby A measured 21w1d, 14oz and baby B measured 21w4d and 1lb.  Today we were 20w5d.  My cervix "of steel" is measuring above average for carrying a singleton (in the words of the u/s tech), so things are looking great.  They want to make sure there is no cervical shortening too early, because that is what's holding everything in there nice and cozy.  ; )  From this point on I'll have OB appts every 2 weeks and an occasional u/s (I'm not sure yet how often those will be).  They're thinking I may be a bit anemic & getting dehydrated here and there, so I'm upping my iron supplement and adding more water (or trying to, at least) to my daily routine.  Let me tell you, it's harder than you'd think to drink so much water every day!
Hopefully I'll get some u/s pics to share soon, and I'll try to keep up with some growing belly shots here and there, too!  

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