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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We'll call you tomorrow...

So, here's how things have gone since I last posted:  I had another appointment at TFI on Monday, 4/23.  Everything still looked great, and (when asked) they told me they were still looking at a mid-week ER for a transfer next week.  Then, like every appointment, they said they'd call me in the afternoon after my blood work was back, to give me further medication instructions.  They called and gave me med doses for Monday night and Tuesday morning, then said the donor would be seen on Tuesday, so they'd call me again with more instructions.  They called Tuesday afternoon and said they were still not sure if ER would be on Thursday or Friday (Wednesday was now out), so they gave me med doses for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and said they'd call me tomorrow.  Ugh.  Really people?  Now, mind you, these meds doses are not changing...every time they tell me to take the same things morning and night.  Then, finally, the phone call we've been waiting for!  Wednesday they call and tell me that they are going ahead with ER on Thursday, so the transfer will be Tuesday morning!!!  I don't have to go back for any appointments before then, which is wonderful, so next time I make the drive up there it will be to make a baby (or two)!  They gave me all of my med instructions for now through Tuesday morning before transfer, which is a record for the most med instructions they've given me at one time, lol, but it's wonderful.  I'm now taking estrogen & progesterone, which will continue on for some time if we have a positive pregnancy test; and also adding in an antibiotic and steroid, just for the next 7 days.  Right now I take 8 pills and one injection a day.  But, it's all worth it to know that I am making the very best little home I can for the embryos to snuggle in and get cozy for the next 9 months.
So now I need all of you for some positive thoughts!  Let's cross our fingers that the egg retrieval goes wonderfully tomorrow morning, and that we get lots of little eggies that will fertilize and go on to make beautiful little embryos, so that the doctors have lots of excellent looking options when it comes time to decide who's going in.  ; )  Wish us luck!


  1. How exciting! Good luck Tuesday!

  2. Yay!!! Can't wait to hear how it all goes. Rubbing my belly for ya. :)

  3. I'm a few days behind on my blog reading so I'm just seeing this today (Friday). Luckily yesterday, the ER day, I did eat some Life cereal. That's my way of helping the universe make some babies. Hopefully it helped and you got some great eggs!

  4. Well, thanks for the Life cereal eating! ; ) I'm hoping to get an update on the eggs/embryos soon and will share when I can!