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Friday, May 25, 2012

Our first ultrasound...

So, I had mentioned that we had an u/s scheduled, and as most of you agreed, it was pretty early.  5w6d, to be exact, and I wasn't quite sure what we'd be able to see at that point.  When we got there, the doctor explained that there would be 3 things we could see that would be fine... one would be a sac, with nothing visible inside; two would be a sac with a fetal pole inside; and three was a sac with a flutter of cardiac activity starting to show (a very new heartbeat).  So, we were prepared.  And then we saw...

Some of you pros may know what you see in the above u/s pic, but some may be waiting to know what we are looking at... well, you are looking at TWINS!  That's right- those two darks areas with those little circles inside, that means two babies.  And at our early u/s, 5w6d, we saw both heart beats fluttering inside each sac.  Now, what you can't see in this pic is that I also have a small pocket of fluid/blood in my uterus (an SCH) which is not fabulous, but also not horrible.  It's relatively common, and usually the blood just reabsorbs and the SCH is gone.  We will watch it to make sure it gets smaller and fades away over the next weeks.  These things don't usually pose a threat to the pregnancy, but in rare cases they can, which is why they will watch it.  So, all in all, we are doing good!  The doctor first said, "well, I see at least two right now and maybe another..." and I just about had a panic attack for a moment.  I may have held my breath until he said there were just the two.  Whew!  I've done twins before, but 3 is a ball game I'm not sure I'm up for!  But, I am happy to be the temporary home for these two girls for the next 9 months or so.  Ah, yes, did you remember that we know the sex of these babes already, since they were PGD tested?  So, it is my second set of surro-twin girls!  Apparently my uterus has a "no boys allowed" policy.    ; )  We go back next week for another u/s, so I will update you all sometime after that!  Have a great holiday weekend!