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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The results are in...

I went in yesterday and had my bloodwork done.  Just the normal, routine stuff- checking all my hormone levels to make sure my meds are at the right dosages, etc.  Oh, and then one additional test, the beta HCG... that tells us if I'm pregnant or not!  So, the clinic called and let us know that we are, in fact, pregnant!  My beta # was 1365, and it was taken 14 days after the transfer.  I think it's a pretty strong number, but it's in the middle enough that there's no clue towards twins or a singleton.  Sometimes numbers are high and you think it must be twins...although it could still be wrong.  You never know until the u/s, but this number really just leaves us guessing with no real inclination either way.  We have a first, and very early, u/s next Wednesday- when I'll be be 5 weeks 6 days along, a little on the early side for a heartbeat, but it's possible we'll get to see one (or two).  Then the clinic will update me on what comes next (another u/s maybe?).


  1. That number is 10x our first beta! Congrats!
    As soon as you get the good beta worry immediately shifts to the u/s. Don't sweat it though - 5w6d is early. Big smile for you all :D

    1. Thanks! I know the numbers can be all over the place. My IFs seemed a little disappointed it wasn't higher, though. I'll just wait it out 'til the u/s, now!

  2. Yay. So exciting for you and the IFs.