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I'm Alison, a thirty-something, married, mother of two girls, with a passion for animals of all kinds. My family adopted our goofy, lovable dog {Charlie} from a local shelter. It breaks my heart to know there are countless animals out there being mistreated {to say the least} and I would love more than anything to help even one animal find a loving forever home. Think adoption first. Find a local animal shelter or animal rescue... don't buy your next pet... rescue him/her!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The ball is rolling!

I spoke with the IVF coordinator from TFI yesterday and we scheduled my first appointment for the IVF cycle!  It's so exciting to be getting started!  I'm so happy to be working with these great IPs and can't wait to get this all going.  Unfortunately, they were very strict with the date the appointment needed to be, so my husband won't be able to go with me, and neither will my IPs.  It's not that big of a deal, since there's not really anything to see for my IPs, so it's ok that they can't make it.  I was hoping, however, that my DH could make the drive with me.  I know he won't be able to come to every appointment, though, so I'll just try to enjoy my "alone time" in the car... for 3 hours...each way.  ; )  The clinic said they will ship me my medications soon, and will go over the meds and how I'll take them at the appointment.  They will also perform a uterine biopsy, which I've never had done before, but this clinic does them standard before every IVF cycle.  A little nervous about that, but they sounded like it's no big deal.  We'll see.  Now I'm waiting for them to e-mail me the orders for DH to get his blood test (at a lab down here, lucky him!).  Since he is my husband, he also has to be medically screened before we can start the cycle.  Things are happening and the ball is officially rolling!


  1. Hooray for the start of a cycle. Three hours each way? Yikes. But that's why we IPs love you surrogates. You all go above and beyond what we could imagine to give us children (and driving is the least of it). You're amazing. Hoping for success this cycle. I'll be following your journey.