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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The wheels are in motion!

Contracts are signed!  Yay!  We were finally able to get a final draft of the contract and sign on February 27th, so things are official.  I have to admit that during the long wait for the contract, I got a little worried.  There were times I wondered if maybe J&T were changing their mind about having me as their surrogate, or maybe if things with the insurance weren't working out and I wasn't going to be able to move forward.  But, in the end it was pretty much all a confusing and misunderstood situation, and we are fine.  I should have listened to my husband when he told me to stop playing the game "telephone"- where I would call my lawyer, who would call their lawyer, who would call J&T to discuss contracts things and insurance...and the information would get jumbled along the way.  We should have been talking directly, just like we did when we decided to work together!  There's something about the official, legal process of contracts that makes you feel like the lawyers need to be so involved, but the truth is, as long as you and your IPs agree, and the lawyers say it works, it's fine.  So one thing I learned moving forward is: talk directly to your IPs when you're questioning something!  It usually works out better (and faster) this way, and you know that you and your IPs are getting the same information and are on the same page.
As for me, now I'm on to the next wait... waiting for the medical side of things to get started.  I should be hearing from TFI soon, letting me know when I'll need to have my first appointment for the IVF cycle to get going!


  1. This is just how I felt. Next time I will deal directly with the IP's or if they prefer, their attorney and use my attorney only to review the final document. Congrats on getting it finished!