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Monday, March 19, 2012

Pills, vials and needles...oh my!

I got my shipment of meds on Saturday, as promised by the pharmacy, so I thought I'd share what the beginning of an IVF cycle looks like.  This picture actually doesn't even do it justice, because the needles & syringes are all hidden in the back- and there are lots of needles!  Everything from tiny 28 gauge needles to 22 gauge needles for injections, and of course, the "ice cream scoop" (as it's been referred to by many at MFSC) 18 gauge needle only used for drawing up the medication in to the syringe.  You don't want to forget to change that needle and inject with the 18 gauge... it's a BIG needle!  It was all pretty overwhelming for me the first time I got a box full of meds like this, but once I began to use them and know what everything is for, it wasn't so bad.  Now that I've done it before, I get it and am excited to get going (although the shots are still never fun : P).  This clinic (TFI) is a new clinic for me, so I'm sure things are done a little differently, but at least I have some experience and know generally what to expect.  Tomorrow I make the 3 hour drive to my appointment and I'll let you know how it goes!  


  1. I was so excited when I got my needles and meds for my mock cycle. I sent a pic similar to yours to my IP's! Love the pic! Good luck at your appointment.

  2. Yay for starting meds!!!!!! Crystal just passed down a whole bunch of needles to me, haha!